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Jeepers Creepers, Where'd Ya Get Those Peepers?!?
Here we go...


Products-March 2011
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Jeepers Creepers, Where'd Ya Get Those Peepers?!?

This stuff is AMAZING!! I think I would go through withdrawals if ever forced to stop using it. They would have to pry the bottle from my lifeless little hands!!HA!
Seriously ladies, I know some balk at the price on it but Allergan has done some wonderful things on their website with the LashPerks program often offering multiple discounts on future prescriptions, even buy one get one free sometimes!
In some states this can be dispensed from a doctor's office but in Texas you must obtain a prescription for it.

Here we go...

In an attempt to gain more exposure and build business, I have been encouraged to add a blog to our website. So here goes...
My name is Amy and I'm a "product junkie".
You name it, I've tried it. If it promises smoother skin, shinier hair, lifting, firming, anything at all, I'll buy it!
 My plans so far are to make this a place for me to review such goodies and give you the low down on what works and what doesn't. I would love input from other beauty addicts as well. I only have so much skin to try these things on and being a tad on the sensitive side it does get old to be in a Benadryl stupor from some of my attempts to stay youthful and radiant!
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